We’ve got a range of resources and case studies to help you learn more about co-operative business models and whether they’re right for you.

Employee Ownership

Scottish Employee-owned Business Census 2022– new research showing number of EOBs operating in Scotland and their turnover

Employee Ownership Evidence– report detailing the resilience of employee-owned businesses during the Covid-19 Pandemic 

Employee Ownership Explained – Get an overview of employee ownership, including how it works, the benefits, and guidance on funding.

Employee ownership case studies – Hear from Scottish businesses about why they decided to become employee-owned.

Employee Ownership – A Successful Succession Solution – An introduction to employee ownership aimed at professional advisers in the law, accounting and banking sectors.

Employee Ownership FAQs– In-depth information about employee ownership, its benefits and how to set up an employee-owned company.

Page  Park Architects, Glasgow, 02/12/2013: Page  Park Architects staff, pictured at the firm's offices in James Morrison Street, Glasgow. Photography for Cooperative Development Scotland / Scottish Enterprise from:  Colin Hattersley Photography - colinhattersley@btinternet.com - www.colinhattersley.com - 07974 957 388

Page Park Architects

Consortium Co-operatives

Collaboration for growth – Learn how working with other businesses could help your business innovate and grow by watching our video series.

Collaboration case studies – Find out more about the opportunities collaboration brought two successful consortium co-operatives, Argyll and Isle Tourism Co-operative and The Start up Drinks Lab .

Consortium Model Explained– An in-depth explanation of how the consortium co-operative model works