Co-operative Development Scotland (CDS) is part of Scottish Enterprise and acts on behalf of all Scotland’s Enterprise agencies (Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and South of Scotland Enterprise).  

We provide support to companies and community groups across Scotland that want to adopt an inclusive business model such as employee ownership and co-operative business models.

An inclusive business model is one that strives for greater equality through positive societal impacts, fairer profit distribution, shared and plural ownership, giving back to local communities and allowing everyone within the organisation to have a voice. Such models are values-driven with greater democracy, accountability, and collaboration at their core. 

We help both new and existing organisations by offering a range of advice and services, including free masterclasses and onetoone support. We also raise awareness of the benefits of employee ownership and co-operatives through the media and events.

Employee ownership

Support and resources for employee ownership and succession planning


Support and resources for co-ops and inclusive models