Community Wealth Building (CWB) is an internationally recognised approach to economic development originally developed in the United States. It has been adopted by the Scottish Government and is described as a practical approach to economic development.  focused on five pillars of activity: 

  1. Spending/Procurement
  2. Workforce
  3. Land and Property 
  4. Plural Ownership
  5. Finance

Co-operative Development Scotland (CDS) on behalf of all Scotland’s enterprise agencies (Scottish Enterprise, Highlands & Islands Enterprise and South of Scotland Enterprise), contributes to the Plural Ownership pillar by supporting companies and community groups across Scotland that want to adopt an inclusive business model such as employee ownership or a co-operative.

Support available to help your organisation deliver its plural ownership strategy

CDS can support your organisation in the delivery of your plural ownership strategy by providing specialist support to companies and community groups in your area that want to adopt an inclusive business model structure. We have developed a suite of resources to introduce you to the models and the support available.

We are also delivering an CWB Engagement Programme for business and community advisors to show how inclusive business models can contribute to the 5 pillars.

Watch the video guide for an introduction to the models we support; worker, platform, community and consortium co-operatives, and employee-ownership.
View and book your place at our CWB Engagement Programme to find out how inclusive business models can contribute to the 5 CWB pillars
Listen to episode 11 of Reset and Rebuild: The Podcast to hear about the role of inclusive models in community wealth building.
CDS offer one-to-one support with a to help you choose the best business model for your needs. We provide a range of information, advice and services to help along the way.