Consortium co-operatives

Consortium co-operatives are established when businesses come together for a shared purpose such as exporting, marketing or jointly bidding for contracts. By collaborating, businesses can pool resources and knowledge to achieve growth and drive innovation, while sharing the associated costs and risks.

The consortium co-operative model gives all member businesses an equal say, regardless of size, allowing small businesses to work together to achieve scale.

You can watch our series of video guides on consortium co-operatives here or find out more about support available on our website.

Made In Scotland Collaborative Export Solutions team members

Made In Scotland: Collaborative Export Solutions

Community co-operatives

Community co-operatives are set up to provide services to communities or develop a community enterprise in all sectors, from utilities to distilleries.

The model allows investment to be raised from individuals who, as owners, are involved in decision-making. Income may be invested back into community projects or distributed among members.

You can find out more about community co-operatives and the support available here.