Supporting and Investing in Social Enterprises

resert and Rebuild text. Episode 10
Guests: Alastair Davis, Chief Executive, Social Investment Scotland, and Gerry Boyce, Team Leader, Scottish Enterprise.

The current National Strategy for Economic Transformation sets out the priorities for Scotland’s economy as well as the actions needed to achieve the Scottish Governments vision of a wellbeing economy. The stated ambitions for Scotland recognises the importance of alternative business models such as social enterprises, employee-owned businesses and co-operatives to deliver strong outcomes on fair work and benefit to local communities.

Against this backdrop, episode 10 of the Reset and Rebuild podcast focuses on the potential of social enterprises. We are joined by Gerry Boyce of Scottish Enterprise and Alastair Davis, Social Enterprise Scotland to discuss the sector, its significance to the Scottish Economy and the support, including investment, that can be accessed by ambitious social enterprises who wish to scale up.

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