The Role of community wealth building and inclusive models in achieving Scotland’s economic goals featuring North Ayrshire Council. 

Guests: Mhairi Paterson, CWB Co-ordinator, North Ayrshire Council, Jude King, Programme Manager, North Ayrshire Council and Darah Zahran, Team Leader, Co-operative Development Scotland.

Jude King and Mhairi PatersonScotland’s National Strategy for Economic Transformation (NSET) published in March 2022, sets out an ambitious and transformational vison for Scotland’s economy. By placing the concept of a wellbeing economy at the heart of the strategy, the government seeks to create prosperity that delivers for all of Scotland’s population and places while respecting environmental limits and climate targets.  

Community wealth building (CWB) is a key feature of delivering the transformational change proposed by NSET. This blueprint for Scotland’s economic development puts the local creation and distribution of wealth at its heart. The approach is made up of a framework of five pillars, one of which is plural ownership, corresponding directly to the mission of Co-operative Development Scotland. 

In episode 11 of the Reset and Rebuild podcast we find out more about Community Wealth Building, and the progress already made by North Ayrshire in delivering their community wealth building strategy. 

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