Creating a fairer economy through employee ownership featuring Jerba Campervans

Guests: Simon Poole, Co-founder and Chairman Jerba Campervans, Glen Dott, Specialist, Co-operative Development Scotland.

Group of Jerba Campervans employees standing in front of campervanThe team at Co-operative Development Scotland have seen growing interest in employee ownership over recent years.  This business model has become a popular succession option for business owners looking ahead to their futures. It offers a tax-efficient exit route that protects the legacy of their company while providing a competitive price through a sale to an Employee Ownership Trust. But its more than a good option for the owner.  The business model allows the future of the firm to be secured, keeping it rooted in its local community and securing the jobs of the local workforce.

In this episode of the Reset and Rebuild Podcast  explores employee ownership in more detail, examining what it is, how it benefits the owners and the company, its employees and the local community.

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