The Co-operative Advantage Featuring Co-operate Scotland and Greencity Wholefoods

Guests: Scott Erwin, Greencity Wholefoods and Co-operate Scotland LLP and Suzanne Orchard, Specialist, Co-operative Development Scotland.


Greencity whole foods truck with group of co-op members standing in front

Co-op models create democratic, resilient businesses that jointly prioritise people and planet alongside profit. In March 2022, the Scottish Government launched the National Strategy for Economic Transformation. There has been growing interest in, and recognition of, inclusive models for some time now but the publication of NSET provides a clear commitment to embed these models into Scotland’s economic landscape. However, beyond the sector co-ops do not receive as much recognition as they should despite their resilience and contribution to the economy. A contribution that could be far greater if the model were to be adopted more widely. 

In this episode of Reset and Rebuild we are joined co-op expert Scott Erwin member of both Co-operate Scotland LLP and Greencity Wholefoods as he shares with us his knowledge about the sector and the businesses operating within it to help us understand the advantages of co-ops from individual members to the wider economy.  Suzanne Orchard from CDS will also share her insight from working with co-ops in Scotland.

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