The Potential for Platform Co-ops Featuring Kooble

Guests: Ronnie Somerville, and Suzanne Orchard, Co-operative Development Scotland 

Globally, we have seen a rise in digital platforms, allowing easy access to a variety of services such as ordering food, booking holiday accommodation, organising a taxi or downloading music and podcasts.  The emergence of these digital technologies has allowed global brands to dominate markets with operating models often at odds with the principle of fair work and equality. 

Platform co-ops can offer an alternative as these democratically owned and controlled businesses also use an online platform or app to trade but offer a fairer alternative to their members, customers and the communities they serve. 

In this episode we are joined by Ronnie Somerville, 5pm soon to be Kooble and Suzanne Orchard of CDS who share the story of new booking co-operative Kooble and why the model has the potential to revolutionise tourism and hospitality. 

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