Glen DottThis week, law firm MacRoberts will host seminars in Dundee and Glasgow on how employee ownership (EO) can improve a business. CDS specialist advisers will be on hand to share their experiences of being a business’ ‘first mate’ on the EO voyage. 

Here Glen Dott shares his thoughts on sailing safely in to the unknown…

My job is to work with businesses in Scotland, helping them plot their journey to employee ownership and eventually sail off into the sunset.

Over the years I have worked with many different types of businesses on their transition to EO and one thing is most definitely true – EO is the perfect vessel to develop an entrepreneurial and innovative culture within a business.

When employees have a vested interest in the business as a whole they become enthused and engaged in finding ways to make it more successful.

Many EO businesses reap significant rewards from this increased participation, giving them an advantage over competitors which, in turn, leads to greater profit.

It is this camaraderie and entrepreneurial spirit that helps most EO businesses establish an inspiring ‘we’re in this together’ culture – charting the unknown in search of new successes.

Not unlike sailors navigating the open sea, each EO business needs a brave captain and a willing crew. Together they plot their course making sure the journey is safe and one which is filled with discovery.

At CDS, we welcome the captains and their crews with open arms. And I am honoured to be ‘first mate’ to help them navigate their way towards effective employee ownership of their business.

The MacRoberts’ seminars, Employee Ownership – Making Your Business Better, will be held in Dundee on Tuesday, 17 February and Glasgow on Wednesday, 18 February.

You can find more details on their events page.