We’re taking a closer look at each of our winning collaborations over the coming weeks and learning more about their plans for the future.  In this blog we learn all about Look Team…

Look Team is a graphic design and event branding production collaboration consisting of two already well established and successful Glasgow-based companies: EVM and Tangent Graphic.  It is focused on developing, managing and delivering wayfinding solutions for major sporting and cultural events in order to create memorable experiences for participants, stakeholders, spectators and broadcasters.

Look provided the branding and wayfinding solutions for three major events in Glasgow: the Commonwealth Games 2014, the World Gymnastics Championships 2015 and the UCI Track Cycling World Cup 2016.

The two businesses have successfully formed a consortium co-operative to facilitate pitching a total project planning and management service for other large sporting events. They plan to expand into other geographic markets across the UK and internationally.

Look (Branding & Application) L-R Andrew Stevenson, Paul Fennon

Andrew Stevenson and Paul Fennon of Look Team

We spoke to Paul Fennon from Look Team about the consortium:  “We wish to enter international markets based on our unique set of skills and capabilities including bid development, project management, risk mitigation and logistics planning, creative and branding development, art working, manufacturing, installation and de-rigging.

“Our offer is different to those offered by our competitors in that we provide an end-to-end service including the branding and creative approach tailored for specific events. This enables us to create a unique sense of ‘time and place’ for each event which allows us to effectively create more memorable experiences for everyone involved.  We believe this unique approach is one of the main reasons we were successful in our bid for the World Gymnastics Championships and the UCI Track Cycling World Cup.

“The cash and support from winning the Collaboration Prize will help us achieve a number of goals, beginning with in-depth research of the global sporting events market and investigating the best way to scale our operation internationally. The commission of a bespoke Inventory Management System for managing and tracking event Kit of Parts (KOP) will help us to streamline our services and increase efficiency, giving us a competitive edge when tendering for contracts. We also plan to get in front of the right people by identifying and attending major international trade shows, allowing us to forge potentially lucrative relationships and explore significant business development opportunities.

“Our intention is to manage tasks by appointing individuals and teams on a ‘needs must’ basis. At the moment EVM and Tangent have clearly defined skill sets; Tangent for branding and creative development and EVM for project management, manufacture, production and installation. As such, managing the current workload within the co-operative is very much business-as-usual, punctuated by regular weekly project meetings. A monthly meeting of the co-operative’s partners enables us to discuss planning for growth and more strategic matters.

“Forming the consortium enables us to deliver a unique service which is usually provided by two distinct companies. Working so closely together means we can combine our expertise and push creative and technical boundaries in ways that others in our field don’t. Having achieved a significant degree of success on a national level, our ambition now is to mirror that success internationally and we look forward to the doors that collaboration will open.”