The Scottish Honey and Beeswax ConsortiumThe Scottish Honey and Beeswax Consortium was one of three winners of the Collaboration Prize, claiming victory in the Innovation category.

Here, chairman Paul Holmes discusses how the prize will allow members to build a sustainable business.

It is fantastic to have won the Collaboration Prize, which will make a huge difference to our honey and beeswax producers – many of whom have come from long-term unemployment or low-income households. In fact, as Kelvin Valley Honey we’ve already helped more than 800 people as part of the “Become a Beekeeper for Free” initiative.

Being part of a consortium will unlock the potential for members across the country to turn what has been a hobby into a viable career option. This will enable them to individually and collaboratively develop new products for sale and access wider markets.

Honey bees continue to decline in Scotland, but their presence is essential for Scotland’s agriculture and wildlife because they help pollinate crops. Growing this industry helps protect their future and that of our members.

The Scottish Honey and Beeswax ConsortiumThe Scottish Honey and Beeswax Consortium (SHBC) will combine resources from members to increase production, with a commitment from all members to sell a minimum of 65 per cent of honey and beeswax products under the new brand.

SHBC has established a clear, united direction for its future, while keeping the core objective of contributing in saving Scotland’s ailing honeybee population.

Entering the Collaboration Prize offered the perfect platform to consider a long-term future for all involved and build a sustainable business which could grow exponentially over the coming years.

The £5,000 prize money, combined with the £5,000 worth of consultancy support, will prove invaluable to the success of the consortium. It will help us to:

  • Develop a brand identity
  • Put marketing and sales strategies in place
  • Establish a common pricing structure
  • Create uniform packaging
  • Develop quality assurance programmes