We’re getting ready to host our first co-op masterclasses next month. In the run up to the event we caught up with co-op specialist Suzanne Orchard to find out more about the new events and what is in store for those who sign up.

Picture of Suzanne Orchard“As Scotland strives to create a wellbeing economy, co-ops can play a critical role in realising that ambition.  They are proven to be resilient and contribute significantly to the economy, by delivering beyond the measure of GDP. They are democratic, fair businesses that place profit on an equal footing to planet and people, delivering positive impacts for the communities they serve.



We already have 621 co-ops in Scotland but there should be more. A main strand of our work at Co-operative Development Scotland is raising awareness of co-ops and the impact they can have. To help assist with this we have partnered with Co-operatives UK to extend the “Is Starting a Co-op Right for You” workshop series to include two tailored events for a Scottish audience, providing anyone interested in co-ops a chance to find out more about this way of working and the support that’s available.

The first Scottish event takes place in Glasgow on 14th of March with the second one taking place in Edinburgh on 21st.

These events will be informative, interactive and fun sessions aimed at anyone who is interested in setting up a fairer business or existing business looking adopt a new business model. The audience will get a more in-depth understanding of co-ops, as well as information around the next steps for starting one.

The events feature a fantastic line up.  They will be led by a co-op specialists Jaye Martin and Martin Meteyard from Co-operate Scotland on behalf of Co-operative Development Scotland and Co-operatives UK. They will be joined by guests from local co-ops who will also share their experiences of starting and running their organisation.

    • Jaye Martin (Co-operate Scotland), Fractals Co-operative, Loco Home Retrofit and Jangling Space (Glasgow event)

    • Martin Meteyard (Co-operate Scotland), Harlaw Hydro and Open Data (Edinburgh event)

This is a brilliant opportunity to hear directly from successful business who made the model work for them. We look forward to seeing you there!”

Find out more and book your space.

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