Last month we launched our brand-new Inclusive Business Models Video Guide which demonstrates the type of business models our team can support. Each video stars one of our specialist advisors so in our latest blog article, we’re shining a light on them to find out more about who they are and why they love working with employee-owned businesses and co-ops.  



Glen Dott is our resident expert on all things employee ownership and ownership succession planning. Glen has a wealth of experience having been with the team and advising clients on their succession options since 2008. He is an expert in ownership models, governance systems and employee engagement practices.

“I help business owners exit, often by selling to their employees. Helping business owners drive productivity and engagement using employee ownership trusts and share schemes is my objective.  Employee-owned models are increasingly important in the business landscape and we fully expect this trend to continue.

“When a business owner opts for employee ownership, it’s not just about the money.  By selling their business to an Employee Ownership Trust, it ensures that the company is run in the best long-term interests of the employees it represents. It roots the business in the local area, safeguarding jobs, skills and culture.”

 Find out more about Employee Ownership with Glen.

Suzanne Orchard joined the team in 2015 previously working in Scottish Enterprise’s stakeholder engagement team. Since joining Co-operative Development Scotland Suzanne has become an enthusiastic and knowledgeable advocate for co-operatives and the importance of  democratic businesses to Scotland’s economy.

Picture of Suzanne Orchard

“In my role as advisor for co-ops I am the first point of contact for someone who is considering a co-operative business model. I spend time working with the client to understand what they want to achieve and can provide them with support offering advice on feasibility, structure, governance and member engagement.  I also work closely with partners helping to nurture the support landscape for co-ops.

“Over the last 7 years I’ve been lucky enough to be able to work directly with the sector and in that time my admiration and confidence in it has grown organically.  I particularly admire the people, their vision, and their fundamental belief that now, more than ever, fairer and inclusive business models have an important role to play in building an economic system to be proud of. I am able to work with a real variety of businesses throughout the year, one call can be from a community group wanting to buy the local pub and the next from a group of small businesses wanting to collaborate to apply for a public sector procurement opportunity. Seeing what these clients then go on to achieve is hugely satisfying.”

Watch Suzanne share more information about community and consortium co-ops. 

Stewart MacGregor is our newest team member who will be celebrating his one-year anniversary next month. Stewart has joined Suzanne and Glen to advise across all inclusive business models including employee ownership and co-operatives. He has more than 20 years of experience working and volunteering across the Third Sector.  Having spent most of his career working to improve outcomes for young people and communities, he worked as a Funding Manager for the Robertson Trust for 8 years between 2014-2022.   He is also currently Vice-Chair of Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector. During Stewart’s extensive time in the Third Sector, he has a developed his interest in capacity building, co-operative models and how Community Wealth Building approaches can help overcome poverty.

Stewart Macgregor“I was keen to get closer to the practical work that would drive accountability and delivery within Scotland’s fair work agenda; to see tangible progress across fair work dimensions – such as pay, security and wellbeing.  The main focus of my role is to promote the growth inclusive business models such as employee-owned business, co-operatives and social enterprises as drivers of a more progressive Scottish economy that contributes to increased prosperity and equity, creating better opportunities for all citizens and spreading the benefits of economic success more evenly.

“Co-operative Development Scotland has a key role to play around ‘plural ownership’ of the economy in Scotland, to recalibrate the current economic model towards more inclusive business models. I believe that the potential of Community Wealth Building (as a policy driver) will bring us closer towards improving the economic well-being and quality of life of people living in disadvantaged communities across Scotland.  Inclusive business models need to be encouraged and supported to become adopted ways of doing business to help improve fair work and fair pay that will in turn, improved the distribution and retention of wealth in communities.”

Stewart tells us a bit more about platform and worker co-ops.