Kettle of Fish

Kettle of Fish

One of the winners of the Collaboration Prize, Kettle of Fish aims to create ‘turn the page’ adventure stories for the digital age.

Here, chairman Jason Wagner outlines plans for the consortium, how the Collaboration Prize will benefit them and what to expect from their first story.

“Kettle of Fish consists of three members – Ping, a digital agency based in Dunblane which I founded; Ko Lik Films, an Edinburgh animation studio which specialises in script writing; and Selina Wagner, an award-winning illustrator and animator.

“Together, we aim to create engaging interactive stories for young children which will inspire storytelling, encourage creativity, teach problem solving and help them learn about technology. Our first story is called Crocodile on the Roof, with Ko Lik taking the lead as script writers and Selina creating illustrations of the characters and designing the backgrounds. Ping will then package this together as an app, with the aim of publishing it in the fourth quarter of this year. In the meantime, we’ll be engaging with our audience on social media and building anticipation!

“Our plans are ambitious and the Collaboration Prize was the perfect opportunity for us – we were thrilled when we were told. It’s a real compliment to have our proposal recognised for its potential. With the support of Co-operative Development Scotland, we’re in the process of setting up the consortium. Their support is excellent and means we can focus on the initial business plan, promotion and a schedule for creative development.

“Ultimately, we will only be as good as the sum of our parts – and our parts are very strong! In Scotland we have a fantastic and diverse range of creative talent across multiple disciplines, from illustrators to animators, coders to musicians. By embracing that talent and collaborating we can be even stronger, and we hope Kettle of Fish can make a major impact.”

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