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Ecosse From Above

One of the winners of the Collaboration Prize, Ecosse from Above aims to create a central resource for selling stock aerial photography of Scotland.

Founded by pilots from three established drone and aerial imaging businesses, a fourth member completes the collaboration – a web developer who will create the online infrastructure required to host the archive.

Here, one of the founding members, Craig Jump of Sky View Video, explains how they developed their idea, what the next steps are for the consortium and how they will benefit from winning the Collaboration Prize.

As independent photographers we have found ourselves visiting the same locations time and time again, which means we each have a huge collection of Scottish photography spanning the length and breadth of the country.

Through our work we’ve found there is considerable demand for affordable and easy to access images of Scottish landscapes, landmarks and destinations. For some businesses the cost of commissioning new photography is beyond their budget, so our idea offers the perfect solution for a wide range of users including national and international film makers and tourism providers.

However, to make our collaboration a reality we knew we needed to bring in additional web design and management skills in order to create our online sales and marketing platform. We sourced Keith Turnbull, a system designer and developer, who as an essential contributor to Ecosse from Above, has joined as a fourth member.

By establishing a consortium, we can all benefit from sharing Ecosse from Above as a united brand and sales platform, helping us to generate revenue from material that otherwise could have lain dormant in storage for decades. In the future we would like to invite other photographers to join the consortium and grow Ecosse from Above’s offering to customers.

Winning the Collaboration Prize will help us in many ways. This will include accessing support on how to market our services internationally, in particular Europe, Asia and the USA. The prize funding will also support our launch campaign as we build the profile of Ecosse from Above.

For more information about the Scottish Enterprise Collaboration Prize visit the website.

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